Accessibility in AR and VR

The Reality of Design

Problem Space

The accessibility movement is gaining traction in the tech industry right now, as more and more users rely on the internet to live everyday lives. Those in industry have realized that designing for one archetype in today’s digital age leaves out scores of humans, and multimillion dollar companies have sprung up in an attempt to solve problems for these user groups.

As an able-bodied (and neurodiverse) individual, the majority of my research into this sphere started with how VR and AR have helped those with inclusivity issues in the physical and neurotypical realms. Slowly but surely, I realized that with every hardware and software integration there are going to be people who do not have the ability to use it as the designer intended. I personally would suggest to anyone looking into creating for VR and AR, to consider also tackling the advancing problem of accessibility in immersive…

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